B&H Industrial Service, Inc. opened for business in 1992 in Springfield, MO and was developed with the attitude and morals to be honest – trustworthy – friendly and helpful to all customers.
As of 2023 B&H Industrial Service Inc. is a 32 year old family owned company, which is something that we take a tremendous amount of pride in. Komposition

Wayne Bates a former forklift technician developed the business. Knowing the forklift and material handling market well, along with the customer’s requirements, the business grew quickly. Starting out with himself as the technician and a data clerk, with in a couple of years he was hiring additional employees. Taking on many manufactures to represent, such as Clark, Unicarriers, and Heli, the business continued to grow. By 1996 B&H Industrial Service, Inc. opened the Joplin, MO branch supporting the territories of S.W Missouri, N.E. Oklahoma and S.E. Kansas. The increase in forklift service and sales continues to grow through today.

Today B&H Industrial Service, Inc. territories cover all of the southern Missouri area into Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma. Still growing throughout our territories B&H Industrial Service, Inc. has developed into one of Missouri’s top forklift and material handling companies. Bart Bates and David Bates alongside all of our team members are providing our customers with top notch service. Being a family owned business we treat everyone that is related to our business, customers and vendors with appreciation. So when you contact us we hope your visit will be enjoyable and helpful for you and that we meet all of your forklift and material handling needs. The national brands we represent include Clark Material Handling, Unicarriers, and Heli America. Please visit our equipment section to view what we have to offer you.

We at B&H Industrial Service, Inc. thank you for visiting our website & hope to hear from you soon!