– – – Pneumatic

Used TCM 5,000lb Pneumatic #2320 #2652 #2653 #2654

Used TCM Forklift Model: FG25T3L 5,000lb Capacity 189″ Max Lift Height Side Shifting Fork Positioner 48″ Forks LPG Fuel Solid Pneumatic Non-Marking Tires Call For Pricing

Used Unicarrier 5,000lb Capacity WITH CAB #2586

Used Unicarrier Forklift #2586 Model: PF50LP 5,000lb Capacity Triple Stage Mast Side Shift Operator Cab With Heater LP Fuel Solid Pneumatic Tires CALL FOR PRICING  

Used Nissan 4,000lb Capacity #2597

Used Nissan Forklift #2597  Model: MP1F2A20LV 4,000lb Capacity Triple Stage mast 84″ Mast Height 188″ Max Lift Height Side Shift 42″ Forks Solid Pneumatic Tires LP Fuel CALL FOR PRICING

Used Unicarriers 5,000lb Capacity #1852

Used Unicarriers Forklift Model: FG25-A1 5,000lb Max Capacity Triple Stage Mast 187″ Side Shift Solid Pneumatic Tire LP Fuel CALL FOR PRICING

Used TCM 5,000lb capacity #2266

1998 TCM FG25N5T TSU 187″ max lift height Side Shift Pneumatic Tires LPG Fuel 48″ Forks CALL FOR PRICING

Daewoo Used G30E-3 Class V LPG Forklift #2236

Call for Pricing LPG Fuel 6,000 lb. Capacity Triple Stage Upright 173″ Raised Side shift Solid Pneumatic Tires 48″  Forks

UniCarrier PF50LP Used Class V LPG Forklift #2221

Call for Pricing LPG Fuel 5,000 lb. Capacity Triple Stage Upright 187″ Side Shifting Fork Positioner, 4 – Way Hydraulics Solid Pneumatic Tires Warranty:  2 years / Unlimited Hours